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The BONE Fury 130F is a multi-function topwater bait. With its crawler fins attached, work it as a topwater crawler on the surface, as it wiggles from side to side on a slow retrieve, creating a soft yet significant blooping noise. You can open the rear flaps to create additional spattering in this mode. The crawler fins and rear flap close in during the cast, making it aerodynamic without losing distance. The crawler fins can be removed by hand turning the screws on each side, transforming it into a popper. Perfect for light casting in the salt for pelagics or even in the freshwater when targeting Giant Snakeheads, its superb bloops on each chug goes down deep , attracting fish up the surface, and creating enough bubble trail. Constructed with ABS plastic for a tough built, weighing at 35.5g (without crawlers fins) and 41.5g (with crawler fins), and a length of 130mm for an all round versatile profile that is perfect for various targets.

Lure Bone Fury Top water 130mm 35.5g
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