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Hero Darter

Hero Darter-01

The ultimate dart bait designed to search for fish in deeper columns, the Hero Darter is a multi function vibe that has 3 eyelets for various fishing applications. Rigging your line to the first eyelet allows the Hero Darter to dart erratically on each jerk, moving in realistic irregular directions, much like a fleeing baitfish when spooked. When a slower presentation is required, a moderate straight retrieve allows the Hero Darter to swim with a tight wobble, fluttering on a tight line when sinking. The second and third eyelet enables vibe mode on the Hero Darter, allowing it to sink quicker and has a wider wobble on a straight retrieve. Adding a sinker on the front most eyelet enables the angler to target a deeper column if required.


Lure Bone HeroDarter Sink 90mm 16g
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