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The Entice is a medium sized profiled multi-function topwater bait. With its bottom flap closed up in place, the Entice is a topwater pencil which is easily worked when walking the dog. It features multiple tiny ball bearings which rattle on each sweep, as well as an angled front which creates splashes and a more erratic action when worked fast. With its bottom flap opened, the Entice becomes a unique rolling wakebait like no other. On a slow straight retrieve, it features a deadly “I-Rolling” action, which was specially tuned by Bone to have less left/right wobble, but only a subtle unique rolling action, producing a wake and a rattling noise on the surface. This gives fishes a more accurate strike as the lure is moving in a straight direction, and it entices even the most spooked out fish. Varying retrieval speed will modify its amount of rolling. Casting distance is also retained as the bottom flap closes in during the cast. Twitching the Entice with a jerk and pause turns it into a popper for a much louder presentation.

Lures Bone Entice 110mm 20g Topwater
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