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Built with a new blank structure, constructed with ’TORAY’ T1100 carbon material, the Heartcore series is the newest rod series in the BONE lineup. It features a unique blank action that is super robust and ultralight in weight. It adopts an improved blank rolling process. With multiple layer wrappings on each roll from the base to the tip, it creates a sturdy taper which allows for maximum sensitivity and flexibility. Equipped with precisely placed FUJI K-Alconite Guides, it creates a beautiful curve and enables maximum casting distance. Utilising the FUJI VSS and PTS reel seats for spinning and bait casting respectively, each model is built as two-piece rods for excellent balance and sensitivity. 


The Heartcore has a range of longer length rods in both spinning and baitcasting. Designed to excel in shore based situations with its longer lengths, it has various lengths ranging from 8’6” to 9’8” for spinning and 7’5” to 8’3” for bait casting, which makes it perfect for lure casting for Seabass, shore jigging for pelagic, or simply any lure fishing situation that needs that long distance casting.

Rod Bone BHC6112LS Spinning 6ft11inch PE0.3-1.2


Rod Bone BHC6112MC Cast 2pc 6ft11inch PE0.6-1.5


Rod Bone BHC672LC Cast 2pc 6ft7inch PE0.3-1


Rod Bone BHC692MLC Cast 2pc 6ft9inch PE0.4-1.2


Rod Bone BHC712MHC Cast 7ft1inch PE1-2.5


Rod Bone BHC712MLS Spinning 7ft1inch PE0.6-1.5


Rod Bone BHC732MS Spinning 7ft3inch PE0.8-2


Rod Bone BHC752MC Cast 2pc 7ft5inch PE1-2


Rod Bone BHC752MHC Cast 2pc 7ft5inch PE0.8-2