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Voyage Salt Finesse

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The Voyage Salt Finesse models feature an improved 4-piece blank re-designed specially for light tackle rods. It is super-light in weight, increased sensitivity, and can take a beating with its superior power. Although it is designed as a 4-piece travel rod, as with all Voyage models, our main focus was to make it feel and perform just like a 1-piece rod, and it does.


The Voyage Salt Finesse models maintain the signature feature of the evenly balanced out weight on each joint, which allows a nice smooth bend when the rod is loaded. The lineup consists of an all spinning range, ratings from ultra-light to medium rated travel spinning rods. Built generally for saltwater shore casting with smaller lures, soft plastics, or jigs, it can also be used for any light tackle work in freshwater if required. 

Rod Bone BVS664UL Spin Travel 4pc 6ft6inch PE0.1-0.4


Rod Bone BVS704L Spin Travel 4pc 7ft0inch PE0.3-0.8


Rod Bone BVS704ML Spin Travel 4pc 7ft0inch PE0.5-1.0


Rod Bone BVS704UL Spin Travel 4pc 7ft0inch PE0.2-0.6


Rod Bone BVS734UL Spin Travel 4pc 7ft3inch PE0.2-0.6


Rod Bone BVS764L Spin Travel 4pc  7ft6inch PE0.3-0.8


Rod Bone BVS764M Spin Travel 4pc 7ft6inch PE0.6-1.2


Rod Bone BVS764ML Spin Travel 4pc 7ft6inch PE0.5-1.0


Rod Bone BVS784M Spin Travel 4pc 7ft8inch PE0.8-1.6