Slow Fall


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Slow Fall

The Ocean Thug Slow Fall Series were designed specifically for a good re-bounce/recoil on each pitch, coupled with a stronger backbone yet maintaining its softer tip. This enables the slow jigs to be worked gracefully and with the maximum potential. The Ocean Thug Slow Fall Series was also designed to have a better stopping power to handle bigger and more tenacious tropical fish that fight harder. Available in 3 versatile power ratings, the Ocean Thug Slow Fall models retain the signature multi-axis wrapping of the blanks, which are made with 100% 'TORAY' Carbon sheets. Each rod comes equipped with Fuji Titanium Fram SIC guides and Fuji Reel Seats, as well as a forearm support that enables multi angle pitching with ease and maximum comfort for extreme conditions.

Rod Bone OTC621SF OceanThug SlowJig PE1.0-1.5