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HERO Darter.

HERO Darter.

Vibe lures have been around since the inception of lure fishing, and is a highly effective lure that works for almost all types of species of fish around the world, especially when fishing in deeper waters or targeting fish in a specific column of the water.

The Hero Darter multi-function soft bait was designed as an ‘advanced’ vibe lure. It has all the traits of proven mechanics that gives anglers the advantage to effectively catch fish, such as its action, construction material, and versatility.



The Hero Darter is constructed with TPE, which is a soft rubber like material. This allows the tail to wiggle when the lure is sinking or being worked, giving it an extra edge in getting the bite. TPE is a very durable material and is tear resistant, making the Hero Darter last longer than most softbaits.

GS_Glass Shrimp

Internally, the TPE is moulded around a strategically placed weight, in which the top part holds the three function eyelets, a bottom eyelet for the front treble hooks, and a wire through construction to the rear which connects to the rear treble hooks. The front of this weight connects to the front which is the weight attachment eyelet.



There are three eyelets to choose from when using the Hero Darter. Do note that the front most eyelet is for attaching weights.

The first eyelet is perfect for fish that want it fast and erratic. Work it by first letting it sink to the depth you desire, using the rod tip and wrist, twitch upwards and allow a little slack on the line, reel in the slack a little, and twitch again. As you tighten your line while its sinking, it flutters back down. A straight retrieve gives the Hero Darter a very tight vibration, which is ideal for high speed retrieval.

The second and third eyelets are both vibration modes and has a different level of vibration respectively. Use these modes for slower approaches such as lift and drop at the bottom column, or a straight retrieval.

With a weight attached to the front most eyelet, the Hero Darter can be worked vertically. Work it with long lifts or hops, pause to let it sink. The Hero Darter will flutter enticingly as it sinks, so do look out for your line when waiting for it to hit the bottom!

As with all BONE lures, the multi-function ability on the Hero Darter enables the angler to search for fish in all sorts of terrain, in both saltwater and freshwater.



The Hero Darter was tested in our trip to Australia where we targeted a variety of species. One of it was the Black Jewfish, which was fished vertically with a chin weight of 20g, worked with lift and drops at the bottom column.


It was also tested successfully with Barramundi fishing, which was casted out and worked at the bottom column in vibe modes.



In China, Pro Staff Ye Feng Yong has used it effectively for Seabass fishing. Targeting them in the deep, he used different modes effectively as well as with the chin weight to focus on different depths.


And of course it is a definite killer lure locally in Singapore, where we’ve tested them on Peacock Bass. The darting vibe mode is especially effective for Peacock Bass.

The Hero Darter is available now. Check it out (here).


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